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Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 (2012)

Everything or Nothing Everything or Nothing

This feature documentary was produced to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films. It focuses on three men with a shared dream - Bond producers Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and author Ian Fleming. It's a thrilling and inspiring narrative behind the longest running film franchise in cinema history which began in 1962. With unprecedented access both to the key players involved and to Eon Productions' extensive archive, this is the first time the inside story of the franchise has ever been told on screen in this way. Director Stevan Riley follows a story that begins with a ground-breaking spy thriller and continues six Bonds and five decades later. While Bond was saving the world from chaos and catastrophe on screen, this compelling documentary draws back the curtain to reveal the battles, threats and real stakes unfolding behind the camera. The film features interviews with actors who played James Bond over the years, including Timothy Dalton.

"Everything or Nothing" premiered in the US online on October 5, 2012 (the Global James Bond Day), as part of an EPIX Free Preview Weekend. In the UK the film was screened at selected Odeon Cinemas.

Toy Story 3 (2010, video game)

Toy Story 3: The Video Game Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Nintendo Wii video game based on the film and featuring voices of the original cast. It was released on June 15, 2010 in USA. Here's a short synopsis of the two available playing modes. 1. Story Mode: No toy gets left behind as you run, ride and fly through scenes from "Toy Story 3"! Play as Woody, Buzz or Jessie. Each one has different and unique abilities. You can swap control between the characters at any time. You can also perform cooperative moves that give you enhanced actions, such as boosts or launches. 2. Toy Box Mode: Unleash your imagination in this open world! Choose whatever activity you wish, and do them in any order you prefer.

Elegy For April (2010, audiobook)

Elegy For April

Quirke - the hard-drinking, insatiably curious Dublin pathologist - is back, and he's determined to find his daughter's best friend, a well-connected young doctor. A new book by Benjamin Black is again read by Timothy Dalton. The unabridged 7-CD audiobook was produced by MacMillan Audio and will be released on April 13, 2010 in the USA (ISBN-13: 9781427209450).

Doctor Who Confidential - Allons-y! (2009, TV)

Doctor Who Confidential - Allons-y! Doctor Who Confidential - Allons-y! Doctor Who Confidential - Allons-y!

A 60-minute TV special about the making of "The End of Time", the final 2-part episode of "Doctor Who" starring David Tennant. The programme features whole segment covering Timothy Dalton's appearance as Lord President Rassilon. Dalton is introduced - not suprisingly - as the "ex-Bond actor Timothy Dalton". Actress Tracy Ifeachor is in awe of his voice, writer of the series, Russell T. Davies tells how happy he is they could get Dalton for the role. The actor himself recalls he had been watching early episodes of the series starring William Hartnell. He also says he liked the screenplay a lot as it had everything in it from "Coronation Street" to "2001: Space Odyssey".

The Silver Swan (2008, audiobook)

The Silver Swan

In this follow-up to 2007's "Christine Falls" (also read by Timothy Dalton), Benjamin Black (pseudonym of Booker Prize-winner John Banville) spins a complex tale of murder and deception in 1950s Ireland. "The Silver Swan", produced by MacMillan Audio, features the unabridged version of the book. The 7-CD set was released on 3rd March 2008 in the USA (ISBN-13: 9781427202895).

Christine Falls (2007, audiobook)

Christine Falls

"Christine Falls", a debut crime novel, was written by the Booker Prize-winning author John Banville under the name of Benjamin Black. The audiobook, produced by MacMillan Audio, is read by Timothy Dalton. The 8-CD set was released on 6th March 2007 in the USA (ISBN-13: 9781427200723).

Hercules: The Myth Comes Alive (2005, DVD)

Hercules: The Myth Comes Alive Hercules: The Myth Comes Alive

6-minute special about the making of NBC's "Hercules" featuring interviews with the leading cast including Timothy Dalton who says, among other things, that "in modern age we have the ability to do wonderful things with computers, we can make fantasy appear real." He also adds that it's not only a story of a strong man as "Hercules' strength is also intellectual and emotional". The interview with Dalton was filmed on the set in New Zealand in the Summer of 2004. It was released as an extra feature on a regular DVD edition.

James Bond: A BAFTA Tribute (2002, TV)

James Bond - A BAFTA Tribute

A filmed celebration of the 40th anniversary of the James Bond franchise hosted by Michael Parkinson and featuring a number of guests and original interviews, including one with Timothy Dalton. The show was originally broadcast od 28th December 2002 on BBC to tie in with the premiere of "Die Another Day", which Dalton also attended. The show wasn't released neither on VHS nor DVD.

Inside "The Living Daylights" (2000, DVD)

Timothy Dalton interview, 1986 Timothy Dalton interview, 1987

Written and directed by Bruce Scivally and John Cork for the Special Edition DVD release of the film, the programme takes a detailed look at the making of "The Living Daylights", Timothy Dalton's first outing as James Bond. The film, narrated by Patrick Macnee, is based mainly on interviews with members of the production team and the Broccoli family. Contemporary interviews with Timothy Dalton are included in which the actor talks about his intention of going back to the literary roots by showing James Bond as an internally conflicted and very humane character. The producers praise Dalton for managing to express at the same time the subtle features of Bond's character as well as a hard-edged side of him. They are also impressed with Dalton's courage with the stunts, of which many have been performed by the actor himself, including dangerous scenes shot at the Gibraltar for the opening sequence of the film.

Inside "Licence to Kill" (1999, DVD)

Timothy Dalton interview, 1988 Timothy Dalton and Robert Davi on the set

Written and directed by John Cork for the Special Edition DVD release of the film, the programme takes a detailed look at the making of "Licence to Kill", Timothy Dalton's second outing as James Bond. The film, narrated by Patrick Macnee, is based mainly on interviews with members of the production team and the Broccoli family. Two short clips from contemporary interviews with Timothy Dalton are included, in which the actor comments on the stunts he performed. Robert Davi also recalls that he and Timothy Dalton, being actors who do a lot of research on the role, have worked together closely on working out relation between Bond and Sanchez, based on Ian Fleming's comment in "Casino Royale" that Bond and his nemesis are mirror images of themselves.

ESU - Emergency Services Unit (1998, TV)

3-part ESU docudramas produced by Image Group Entertainment and narrated by Timothy Dalton. The series offers an insider's look at an elite law-enforcement team. Episode 1 - Nerves of Steel (K-9 units sniff out drugs, track fugitives; joint DEA/ESU mission), episode 2 - In Harm's Way (Bomb squad; dive team), episode 3 - 24/7 (The team hunts drug dealers who previously had a shootout with local police). The series premiered in USA on The Learning Channel in the Summer of 1998.

An Audience with Elton John (1997, TV)

An Audience with Elton John An Audience with Elton John

90-minute TV show featuring Elton John performing thirteen of his best-loved songs. Includes performances by The Spice Girls, Sting and The Pet Shop Boys. The questions are posed by such stars as The Spice Girls, Ozzy Osbourne, Greg Rusedski, Timothy Dalton and more. The show was filmed for London Weekend Television anad was originally broadcast on ITV on 27 September 1997. The VHS edition, released in November 1997 by Firefly Entertainment, contains previously unseen antics, questions and answers which are unbroadcastable.

In the Wild - Wolves with Timothy Dalton (1993, TV)

In The Wild - Wolves with Timothy Dalton

Episode of the acclaimed PBS nature TV series. Dalton is filmed looking for, observing, and tentatively interacting with Arctic wolves in the wild. Alternative titles include: "In the Wild - In the Company Wolves with Timothy Dalton" and "In Search of Wolves with Timothy Dalton". The show was broadcast in UK on 5th July 1993. Released on DVD worldwide.

30 Years of James Bond (1992, TV)

The program, produced for London Weekend Television, was broadcast on 3rd October 1992 and followed the UK premi?re of "The Living Daylights" on TV. Although the stunts and special effects have been thoroughly documented on the DVD's since, this was the first program that lifted the lid on how they achieved them. Rare interviews with the late Derek Meddings and John Stears are featured here and have never been seen since. Also all five Bond directors and the four Bonds, up until that point agreed to be interviewed especially for the show. The show wasn't released neither on VHS nor DVD.

Rocketeer: Excitement in the Air (1991, TV)

TV special about the making of "Rocketeer" and featuring original interview with Timothy Dalton. Aired on 19th June 1991 at the day of the premiere of the film. The show may be available on the extended DVD editions of the film USA.

Lark (1989, Japanese TV ad)

Lark TV ad

Timothy Dalton made an advert for the Ligget & Myers' Lark cigarettes shortly after "Licence To Kill", where smoking featured heavily in the film. It was destined for the Japanese market only, where it was aired until the early 90s. It is available online at Japander.com.

Survival Factor/Wildlife Chronicles (1987, TV)

Survival Factor

6-part British nature series produced by Oxford Scientific Films Ltd. for Anglia TV and narrated by Timothy Dalton. Episodes: "Spadefoot", "They Walk On Water", "White Water, Blue Duck", "Water Voles, Mr Ratty The Real Story", "Technical Animals", "Life On The Edge". The show was renamed for US market to "Wildlife Chronicles".

Hooked On Fishing (1985, TV)

Hooked On Fishing

Episode of British fishing TV series "Hooked International" hosted by Coombe Richards and with special guest Timothy Dalton. The show focuses on fishing in Irish waters and was filmed entirely on location in Ireland. Sadly it hasn't yet been released neither on VHS nor DVD.